Sherman Werst Wealth Advisors Volunteer Day: Flower Planting at SouthEast Lancaster Health Services


To Our Volunteers:

Thank you for participating in our volunteer day at Southeast Lancaster Health Services!
As a nonprofit organization, SouthEast Health is very appreciative of our efforts to help brighten up the facilities they use to deliver medical and dental care services to many members of our community, regardless of economic status. In less than a day, our team of volunteers planted more than 700 flowers throughout the organizations two locations. Thank you for helping us to make an impact for both the individuals who deliver and receive services at this importance community resource!

Sherman Werst Wealth Advisors Volunteer Day: Rubber Duckie Race and Festival Cleanup! 
From all of us at Sherman Werst Wealth Advisors, we sincerely thank our clients and friends for their help during our volunteer day at Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center. Our team completed the task of sorting almost 25,000 ducks and moving truckloads of event equipment into storage. We accomplished in less than a day what normally takes their staff a full week, and this allowed their staff to pay full attention to the children they were serving. Our efforts were greatly appreciated by the Schreiber Center Staff and Management.